The Cloud computing system (Cloud) holds one of the keys to the success of the online gaming industry in the near future. By allowing operators to provide a better gaming experience to players at a lower cost. But how is this technology?

What Is Cloud Computing & How Does 'The Cloud' Work?

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The Cloud Computing System Explained:

The Cloud computing system basically consists of a model of information technologies that allows resources to be removed through internet-based tools, and not directly through a server. In other words, the information is kept in the so-called “clouds” which does not oblige the user to be in a specific place to have access to a specific service.

For companies such as online gambling operators, or even any other industry, the Cloud computing system allows employees to work remotely. The entire team of employees needs an electronic device, be it a personal computer, a tablet, a smartphone, an iPhone, or any other device of this type that has internet access. Naturally, this way of working reduces costs for companies that do not need to have their own servers.

What Are The Benefits?

Three UK-based Grosvenor physical casinos have already found the benefits since they migrated to the IGT Cloud service a couple of months ago. According to the agreement that was made between the two companies, the casinos will have instant access to the UK’s IGT game library, which allows them to greatly improve analytical reports. This helps casinos to better understand the behavior and preferences of players before making decisions in real time.

The benefits are obvious and can be easily identified, they are services that are ready to be used by companies that have investment capital and that want to make the right decision when investing. This type of service allows more innovation with lower costs and less need for maintenance.

As a result, players receive a gaming experience never before seen, players will be more interested as the casino will be able to channel the saved capital to offer more promotions and casino bonuses to players . Players can use Cloud computing technology when placing bets singapore online betting at the bet365 casino, which will reduce latency and as a result improve results.

The online casino bonusis one of the biggest advantages of the casino game. It will help to attract most of the players to the casino game. There are a variety of bonuses are available on the online casino sites like in online casino singapore. In this article, you will know about the types of bonuses in the online casino.

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What are the types of bonuses in the online casino?


The different types of online casino bonusare given by,


  • Welcome bonus: It is the first type of bonus you will enter to the casino game. It is the combination of the deposit bonus and free spins. This bonus is available for the new player when they are registering for the first time.
  • Deposit bonus: It is the type of bonus you will get gifts when you deposit in the casino game. It is the most popular type of bonus. 
  • No deposit bonus: It is opposite to the deposit bonus. You need not make a deposit for this type. You can read the terms and conditions to get this bonus.
  • Free spins: It is the favorite type of bonus among the gamblers. This type of bonus is given on the specific type of slot machines. 
  • VIP bonus: It is also known as a loyalty bonus. It is a bigger and better casino. If you are regular on the online casino games singapore you will get the chance to enter to the VIP club. 
  • Cashback bonus: It is the most attractive bonus to the players. As the name suggest some of the amounts will be cashback to your account. 
  • Reload bonus: It is similar to the signup bonus. This is not for the new players. It is a gift to the loyal players of the casino game. 

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What are the advantages of the online casino bonus?

The advantages of the online casino bonusare given by,

  • It will allow you to get a head start. The welcome bonuses are offered to you for the first-time registration. The head start will help you to learn the gaming basics and reducing the risk of losing more finds. 
  • It will reduce your chances of losing more funds in the casino game. All the casino game has two sides you either win or loss. 
  • It is one of the reward methods. Bonuses like free spin are rewarded for existing players. 
  • You will get a reward irrespective of your favorite game types.
  • It will give you a taste of the different kinds of games like slot games, roulette, poker, blackjack, and other game types.


What are the tips and tricks for using the casino bonuses to make more profits?


  • You can take a look at the bonus percentage and maximum bonus. 
  • The sites will have the same game contributions to the bonus wager requirements. 
  • You can find the free spins without any wagering. Some of the sites are offering you free spin without any wagering requirements.
  • You don’t play just for the bonus
  • Don’t abuse the casino bonuses and 
  • If you are playing slot machines you will choose low and medium variance slots.


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Apple has taken a step forward in tightening the regulation of real-money gaming applications in order to prohibit minors from having access to these types of applications, so it was published this week in the rules of the Apple store.

Rules Update

According to the new rules, applications that offer real money games , such as sports betting, poker, online casino games, horse racing, must have a license, as well as permissions in the locations where the application it is used. The application should be restricted to those locations only and the application should be free in Apple’s store.

Applications may request data such as the date of birth (or use other methods of accessing minors) in order to comply with the legislation applicable to the privacy of children and young people. Those applications that collect, transmit or have the ability to share personal information (such as a minor’s name and address) must comply with the privacy laws of children and young people currently in force.

Apple should be applauded for implementing these rules for restricting access to minors. Thanks to measures like this, users of the iOS system can continue to be 100% sure that the mobile online game applications they use are legally complying with the rules and legislation in force and that there are principles of privacy protection and fair play.

As our readers may have noticed recently, there has been a greater concern on the part of mobile applications when it comes to laws. For example, the mobile casino All Slots launched an application at the Apple app store in the UK. Ladbrokes launched new Blackjack and Roulette applications in conjunction with software developer Realistic Games.